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Las Vegas

  • Thanksgiving at Eataly Las Vegas

    Add an Italian twist to your Las Vegas Thanksgiving this year and celebrate the holiday at Eataly! Enjoy menu specials, cooking classes, Vino Day, and more.
  • Barolo through the Ages

    Known around the world as “the king of wines,” Barolo is a timeless wine with a story as rich as its nickname.
  • Truffles vs. Mushrooms

    Truffles and mushrooms are both in the fungi kingdom; however, they grow in different places, thrive in different climates, and have a unique place on the table. Learn more!
  • Italian Breakfast at Eataly Las Vegas

    Wake up like an Italian with an authentic breakfast at Eataly Las Vegas! Enjoy housemade pastries, breakfast pizza, Caffè Lavazza coffee, panini, and more.
  • Classes, Events, and Tours

    Are you food curious? Discover the stories behind the recipes, chefs, and producers that inspire us through our classes, events, and market tours. Get the calendar!
  • Live Like a Local at Eataly Las Vegas

    With over 40,000 square feet of high-quality Italian food and drink, we encourage Vegas locals to Eat, Shop, & Learn at Eataly with a variety of exclusive discounts and special offers!
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