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  • Ravioli & Co., La Pasticceria, & More To Go

    Explore our grocery and wine store hours and learn how to order pick-up with us.
  • Our Best Recipes of 2020

    Our editors were curious to see which recipes you loved the most in 2020. We took a look at the numbers and here's what we found!
  • Celebrate 14 Years of Eataly with the Italian Trade Agency

    This year, Eataly is proud to announce our new partnership with the Italian Trade Agency, to help you expand your knowledge of authentic and traditional Italian food and wine.
  • Our Top 20 Pasta Recipes

    You asked, we answered. Read on for our top 20 authentic Italian pasta recipes.
  • Winter Amaro Cocktail

    Perfect for winter, this creative cocktail combines gin with two popular Italian amari and spices for a warming drink that can be enjoyed before or after dinner. Get the recipe!
  • Eataly Vino

    With over 1600 labels, our wines and spirits span a vast selection of Italian excellence, from producers such as Fontanafredda, Borgogno, and Bastianich.
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