First courses

  • What's the one Italian dish you can pull together in fifteen minutes and with nothing in your fridge? Originating in Campania, this iconic pasta is a classic example of cucina povera, making the most of simple ingredients.

  • Transform any weeknight dinner into a culinary masterpiece with this effortless recipe for chitarrine with Parmigiano Reggiano cream.

  • This nourishing soup made with Grana Padano, spelt, and broad beans is simple yet deeply flavorful — the perfect companion when you're craving a comforting and delicious meal.

  • Native to Southern Italy, Linguine allo Scoglio ("linguine with stones”) refers to a clever cooking technique historically employed by fishermen. Learn the secrets behind our featured Icons of Eataly dish for August.

  • Paccheri ai Tre Pomodori highlights the star of the Italian summertime table and one of the most important elements in Italian cuisine: the tomato! Learn the secrets behind our featured Icons of Eataly dish for July.

  • The dish features soft, warm, melt-in-your-mouth slices of provola cheese cooked to perfection in a savory tomato sauce.

  • This mini quiche Lorraine with sweet datterini tomatoes from Così Com'è puts an Italian twist on the quiche typical to French cuisine.

  • An innovative combination of finely chopped canned tomatoes and feta cheese, this tomato tartare makes a beautiful and delicious first course or appetizer. Get the recipe!

  • As temperatures drop, enjoy a steaming cup of bone broth from Brodo at Eataly NYC Downtown. The pop-up serves delicious, nutritious, and no-waste broth.