Affogato Recipe, the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Ready for the world's simplest, most delicious pick-me-up? Enter theaffogato, gelato “drowned” in espresso. In other words: meet your new summer go-to. The next time you experience a midday lull or need a last-minute dessert, turn to this Italian classic, which will take both your coffee and dessert breaks to another level.

*This recipe can be doubled, tripled, and quadrupled as needed to please the crowd (or your own needs).

Affogato dessert




1 person

Preparation time

3 minutes

Affogato(Gelato “Drowned” in Espresso)

1 scoop vanilla or hazelnut gelato
¼ cup hot espresso
¼ cup hazelnut liqueur, optional (not recommended for workday pick-me-ups)


Scoop the gelato into a serving bowl, glass, or coffee cup.


Stir the hot espresso and hazelnut liqueur (if using) together, then pour the mixture over the gelato.


Serve immediately.

Sweeten your summer with our own affogato, in addition to a festive array of gelato offerings, at your local Eataly.