• The perfect balance of coffee and sweetness, tiramisù appropriately translates to pick-me-up. Get the recipe for the decadent Italian dessert!

  • Who said pizza can't be dessert, too? Consider this the perfect excuse to whip up an extra batch of pizza alla pala dough.

  • A soft nougat made of sugar, honey, egg whites, and toasted almonds or hazelnuts, torrone is a typical sweet enjoyed in Italy around the holidays. Get the recipe!

  • Created in Sicily, cannoli are among the most beloved Italian desserts. Bring a taste of southern Italy to your table with Eataly's sweet recipe!

  • Learn how Italians eat cantucci, Tuscany's version of biscotti. Today, these crunchy, twice-baked cookies are beloved across the world.

  • For the world's simplest, most delicious pick-me-up, turn to the affogato, gelato drowned in espresso. In other words: meet your favorite new dessert.

  • Dense and creamy, nothing says winter in Italy like a rich cup of cioccolata calda– hot chocolate. Discover the origin and history behind this sweet favorite, then get our recipe!

  • Get the recipe for cantucci toscani. Like many Italian biscotti, these delicious Tuscan cookies are twice-baked with almonds for an extra crunch. 

  • Meaning “small round glass” in Piemontese dialect, bicerin is a traditional hot drink native to Torino made of three distinct layers: espresso, hot chocolate, and whipped milk or cream.