Pecorino Romano DOP

Pecorino Romano DOP

As the cradle of the Roman Empire, Lazio is a region rich with ancient traditions. Among the oldest is tending sheep and making pecorino (sheep's milk cheese). For centuries, shepherds watched as their flocks grazed in the rolling hills surrounding Roma, then traded the rich milk with local cheesemakers to make Pecorino Romano.

Very few true Pecorino Romano cheeses are produced today. As the modern world came into focus, the practice of shepherding traveled south to rural Sardegna, whose saltier, harder cheeses are sometimes passed off as Pecorino Romano in the U.S.

Not at Eataly! Here, our cheesemongers love Fulvi Pecorino Romano DOP. Made in the village of Nepi, just 15 miles north of Roma, this genuine Pecorino Romano is still aged naturally in cellars using whole milk from sheep raised in Lazio. The cheese is then coated in black wax per tradition, making it easy to spot at your cheese counter.

Fulvi Pecorino Romano DOP is rich and flavorful with pungent and almost sweet notes. It's less salty than other pecorino cheeses but can still hold its own in the kitchen. Enjoy the cheese grated over classic Roman dishes, like Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, or savored on its own as a pleasantly grainy addition to a cheese plate.

Taste Pecorino Romano DOP for yourself at your local Eataly!

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