Amedei: Bringing Italian Excellence to the Art of Chocolate Making

Amedei factory


The story of Amedei chocolate begins with a small artisan workshop in the heart of Tuscany. Founded in 1990 by Cecilia Tessieri – the world's first female master chocolatier – the chocolate company has been producing traditional yet innovative products using top quality ingredients. Thanks to Cecilia's constant search for inventive manufacturing techniques, high-quality ingredients, and exciting flavor profiles, Amedei has become a staple of Italian chocolate production.

The heart of the operation lies in the Tuscan town of Pontedera. Here is where beans from remote lands of origin are brought together to make Amedei chocolate. After the entire creation process is completed, the finished chocolate travels to more than 30 countries to be enjoyed universally across the world. 

beans for chocolate production


Before a mouth-watering chocolate bar makes it to your ever-thankful hands, a complex production chain turns the finest raw materials into true Italian excellence. Between harvesting and packaging, there are several careful steps.

chocolate production

The preliminary flavors are first developed through fermentation and then maintained, when the cocoa beans are air-roasted under a controlled temperature.Up to 72 hours of conching ensure that every single chocolate reaches the peak of its aroma profile before moving onto tempering. At last, the chocolate can be molded into its final (delicious) form.

Amedei spreads


The elegance, simplicity, and magic of Amedei chocolate can be found in each bar, praline, drop, and spread. Each variety represents a part of the genetic diversity of cocoa plants – ranging from a powerful dark chocolate, to a pure and delicate white chocolate. Combining fresh nuts and fruits in different products results in a wide range of flavors among Amedei's 150 chocolate creations.

Amedei bar


Try the “Crema Toscana” hazelnut spread on your morning toast, or opt for the dark chocolate “Toscano Red” bar with cherries, strawberries, and raspberries for dessert. Amedei chocolate may become your new favorite sweet treat – but don’t forget to share! Amedei makes the perfect gift for any occasion.After all, who doesn’t love artisan-crafted chocolate?

Amedei bars

Be inspired by the magic of the Tuscan region, and shop Amedei at your local Eataly.