What is Pizza alla Pala?

At Eataly, we love all regional Italian pizza equally, from northern Liguria’s focaccia alla genovese to southern Campania’s pizza alla Napoletana. Right now, though, we are all about central Lazio’s pizza alla pala.

Created in Roma, this long oval flatbread is served on a wooden pala, or “paddle.” Pizza alla pala is made with a high-hydration, long-rising dough that the Roman bakers stretch lengthwise and top with complementary ingredients. Unlike the wood-fired Neapolitan variety, the dough is then baked in an electric oven heated to 580°F from 10 to 12 minutes. After baking, the pizza is slipped from the oven onto its namesake paddle, topped with fresh ingredients as desired, and served. The resulting pizza boasts a thick crust with a crispy exterior that yields to a soft, fluffy interior with each perfect bite.

In Italy, this lengthy masterpiece is typically shared among a group of friends by the slice. All day at Eataly, our Roman colleagues have been fondly reminiscing about warm summer evenings spent in piazzas, whiling away the hours with pizza alla pala, wine, and beer.

Experience it for yourself! Try Pizza alla Pala at your local Eataly, or try it at home with our recipe for pizza alla pala on Eataly Magazine.

Pizza alla Pala