Colazione all'Italiana

When the Americans in our office first visited il bel paese, some confessed to culture shock at our breakfast. In Italy, breakfast — la colazione —is much lighter than the egg-bacon-toast fare of our colleagues' homeland. But after actually experiencing la colazione all'Italiana, all culinary anxieties disappeared faster than you can say cappuccino.

Cappuccino and croissant

To eat breakfast like an Italian, follow our simple guide:


Find the neighborhood caffè. Stand at the bar while perusing a newspaper (points for soccer match results).


Order the coffee of your choice. Remember that this is the only time of day to enjoy milkier drinks, like cappuccino or latte macchiato, without being teased. Make the most of it.


Finally, choose a baked good. We're partial to the sweet, freshly-baked pastries at our local spot (okay, full disclosure: it's at Eataly. But we swear that Caffè Lavazza has the best cappuccino and croissants this side of the Mississippi).

Cappuccino & Cornetto

Nothing transports us to mornings in Italy more than a cappuccino with a cornetto,or a croissant. The foaming whole milk swirls deliciously with the robust espresso, each sip pairing perfectly with a bite of airy pastry. Early every morning, our pastry team bakes an assortment of fresh breakfast treats with quality ingredients, from wholesome olive oil to decadent dark chocolate.

Cappuccino and cornetto

Espresso macchiato & Panino

For a smaller but more intense drink, we order espresso macchiato, coffee “marked” with a splash of frothy milk. The deliciously bitter flavors in the espresso go well with our selection of breakfast panini, such as as the "semi-dolce" Valdostano, which sandwiches freshly-sliced prosciutto cotto, Fontina cheese, and housemade mayonnaise in a semi-sweet bun.

Panino and espresso

Espresso & Biscotti

For an Italian breakfast on the go, pair a simple quality shot of espresso with crunchy cookies, like Golosi di Salute anellini (pictured below). Developed by Eataly Head Pastry Chef Luca Montersino to be lightly sweet and wholly healthy, these delicious cookies pair perfectly with espresso for a satisfying and simple breakfast.

Espresso and cookies

Take the Italian breakfast experience home with you with our high-quality selection of coffee, tea, cookies, and even appliances!

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