Eataly Panettone


Introducing the inaugural range of festive holiday cakes by Eataly featuring an exclusive recipe, now available online and in stores worldwide.

Since day one, Eataly has been on a mission to preserve Italian culinary traditions and introduce them to food lovers across the world. For this holiday season, we’re taking our commitment a step further by launching our own line of artisan panettoni and pandoro. Developed by Eataly’s team of gastronomical experts using the finest raw ingredients, the holiday cakes start with a traditional recipe made from lievito madre (mother yeast), fresh eggs, exquisite Piedmontese IGP hazelnuts sourced from the Langhe, and Madagascar vanilla.

The collection includes four sumptuous flavors: the timeless classic panettone, an indulgent orange and chocolate variation, a delectable rendition with pistachio cream, and the iconic pandoro.

Eataly Panettone: Classic


Low and short — as tradition calls for — our panettone classico is made with the highest-quality raw materials and prepared following the traditional, authentic recipe. The dough is made with lievito madre (mother yeast), butter made from Piemontese cream, fresh eggs, vanilla from Madagascar and a generous helping of raisins and Italian candied orange peel. Gently warm the panettone for a few minutes in a previously-preheated oven to unleash a heavenly aroma and indulge in a truly remarkable taste experience.

Orange & Chocolate Panettone


Indulgent and extremely fragrant, our orange & chocolate edition is studded with dark chocolate chips and Italian candied orange peel. Crowned by a luscious glaze of sugar, stone-ground IGP Piemontese hazelnuts, and whole almonds, this panettone is a decadent delight tailor-made for any chocolate-lover in your life — and an irresistible treat to savor yourself.

Panettone with Pistachio Cream


This panettone without raisins and candied fruit is soft and incredibly fragrant, and can be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by a decadent toasted pistachio cream included in the box. Spread a luscious layer of pistachio cream on a slice and prepare to indulge in a truly delicious experience.

Eataly Pandoro


A time-honored classic in a special low format, our pandoro is prepared following the traditional, authentic recipe. Modeled after the mountains near Verona, where the cake was first made, it's baked in an eight-pointed star-shaped pan that gives it its signature form. Generously dust with powdered sugar (the “snow” on the top of the mountains!), then enjoy alone or with a glass of sweet sparkling wine.