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Wine Club

Eataly Wine Club offers a comprehensive introduction (or reintroduction for connoisseurs!) to il vino italiano. Each month, members receive three bottles of regional wine, carefully selected by our experts at Eataly Vino in New York. We also provide producer information, tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and a recommended recipe (we know some chefs!). And, to further support your wine education, members will enjoy 10% off all in-store purchases and 15% off cases.

Offering members a well-rounded wine experience, the Eataly Vino team selects one each of the following bottles:

House wine

House wine is the daily slugger that punches above its weight. You can open it on a whim, and it is the most approachable of the three.

Table wine

Table wine is the bottle to build your next culinary adventure around. It’s the team player that will unify the food, the guests, and the merriment. We like to think of is as the 1+1=3 wine, because it’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Cellar wine

Cellar wine is the most sophisticated of the three. It is the wine you put in the cellar and save for when you’re both a little more mature.

At $75 per month, Eataly Wine Club is a perfect gift for friends, family, and – especially – yourself! Sign up today, and we will start delivering our monthly wine picks to your door (and don't worry: you can cancel at anytime). Simply subscribe, and we'll reach out for payment information. 

Contact us at or 646-398-5102 with questions or to send a gift subscription. Salute!
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