VINO CAMP: CINQUE TERRE - A Private Session with Ivan Giuliani of Terenzuola

NYC Flatiron

April 29, 2023
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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About this Event: Eataly’s Vino Camp Series continues! Join us this month to learn all about the wines of Cinque Terre. In this private session, enjoy an intimate dinner inside Eataly’s Bar Milano restaurant, where you will sit alongside Ivan Giuliani to taste the top selections of wines from the Terenzuola estate in Cinque Terre. This elevated dining experience is an exclusive opportunity to discuss and learn directly from the winemaker while enjoying a multiple-course chef-curated meal paired perfectly with these unique wines.

About the Wines of Cinque Terre: Situated on the Liguran coast, Cinque Terre is a string of five small towns built into the coastal cliffs of the region. Located in the northwest of Italy perched atop the mediterranean, the region of Liguria is known for its natural beauty, including long stretch of beaches, impressive cliffs plunging into the sea, and magnificent national parks. These stunning cliffs are more than just a postcard ready visual, they represent some of the oldest viticultural history in Italy, and the world. With obscure grapes only known to the area dangling dangerously over the Mediterranean Sea, this is an unrivaled terroir. The wines can transport you unlike any, with ocean sea-spray like aromas in the whites and vibrant, mineral-inflected tones in the reds. Sweet wine has a special home here as well, with dried grapes creating some of the most special desserts you could ever hope to taste.

About the Producer: At once both Tuscan and Ligurian, the wines of Terenzuola reflect the duality of their terroir. The vineyards face the Mediterranean, which provides warm sun and cool breezes, but also find themselves in the Apuan Alps (a subzone of the Apennine mountain chain), which provide freshness and complexity. The resulting wines dance on the palate with an incredible balance of fruit, minerality, acidity and complexity. Today, Ivan Giuliani is at the helm of the estate. As a young man, starting in 1993, he helped his uncle to bottle their harvest and sold the wine to local restaurants. In 2007, together with his friend and fellow vigneron Marco Nicolini, he renovated the cellars at Terenzuola, and brought the total hectares under his management to 18. Also in this year, he formed a partnership with Evasio Pasini, whose family for centuries had lived and cultivated vineyards in the Riomaggiore township of the Cinque Terre. The landscape here was crafted by man over thousands of years of work by hand, without mechanization. The hillsides were terraced with sandstone rocks, skillfully placed one by one and kept together only with dirt and crushed stone, without the use of any mortar. In 2012, Terenzuola bought out Pasini from the Cinque Terre project and brought the label under the umbrella of Terenzuola.

Your Ticket Includes:

  • Tastings of exclusive vintages of Terenzuola wines from Cinque Terre
  • Multiple-course meal of high quality chef-curated dishes
  • Intimate access to discuss and learn directly from our guest winemaker

Please Note:

  • One ticket purchase is valid for one guest
  • This is a 21+ only event. All guests planning to consume alcohol must be able to produce a valid government-issued identification to prove they are 21 or older.

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