Chocolate all'Italiana

Chocolate all'Italiana


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This Summer, share a taste of la dolce vita with our gift box bursting with high-quality rich chocolates from Venchi. From Suprema Rum Dark Chocolate Spread made with luscious dark chocolate and Caribbean Rum, to a variety of Chocolate Cigars, and two delicious Chocolate Bars, this gift box features an array of confections perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

In early 1878, artisan chocolatier Silvano Venchi opened his own chocolate shop in his hometown of Torino. With just two bronze cooking pots and a passion for chocolate, he combined regional recipes and the finest natural ingredients to create his confections. Today, Venchi is celebrated across the world for its high-quality chocolates made from the same ingredients: Criollo Cocoa, the rarest and most expensive cocoa representing only 5% of all cocoa grown worldwide, natural vanilla, and the famous IGP Piemontese hazelnuts.

Producer Venchi
  • 1 x Milk Chocolate Bar with 70% Less Sugar 3.5 oz - Venchi
  • 1 x Dark Chocolate Bar With Coffee Filling 3.5 oz - Venchi
  • 1 x Truffle Nougatine Chocolate Cigar 3.5 oz - Venchi
  • 1 x Orange Chocolate Cigar 3.5 oz - Venchi
  • 1 x Suprema Rum Dark Chocolate Spread 8.8 oz - Venchi