Urbani Truffle Panettone 35.2 oz

Urbani Truffle Panettone 35.2 oz


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Shipping Notice: Roy x Urbani Truffle Panettone is available for pre-order only until December 4, 2022. All Truffle Panettoni will be shipped directly by From Roy with delivery in 15 business days from the day you ordered. If you are ordering any items, they will ship separately from the Roy x Urbani Truffle Panettone.

Introducing the world's first Truffle Panettone – custom-made to order!

The traditional panettone recipe dates back to the fifteenth century, where legend has it that a distracted pastry chef dressed up a long-cured dough on the fly with candied fruit and raisins, just in time to serve his new invention to the Duke of Milano. Nowadays, panettone is one of Italy’s most anticipated holiday desserts.

Still very much an Italian staple, there have been far and few brave outsiders who ventured into panettone production. The dome-shaped loaf, made with mother yeast that takes at least 30 hours to rise, is no small feat. However, industry darling Roy Shvartzapel, an apprentice of some of the world's most important gastronomic figures – Iginio Massari, the world’s panettone master, for example – has been able to master the recipe after spending the better part of a decade obsessing and perfecting what he calls, “the Mt. Everest of the baking world."

Panettone is now a staple of his Brand 'This is from Roy' in San Francisco since 2015, and this year he included a new, delicious treat: the world's first truffle panettone, made in collaboration with Urbani Truffles. Carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients, such as the traditional flour and mother yeast, this panettone is enriched with Urbani white truffle butter and aroma, citrus essence, milk chocolate, semisweet chocolate, and gianduja, left to rise for over 50 hours, and then topped with luscious sugar and egg whites cream.

Custom made for each customer, order a carefully crafted Truffle Panettone today, and we will deliver it within 15 business days from the date you ordered!*

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