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Truffle Dinner Delights

Truffle Dinner Delights


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Urbani Tartufi, the most esteemed truffle distributor in the world, is led by Paolo and Bruno Urbani, direct descendant brothers of the name founders. Trusted with more than 70% of European fresh truffle sales, Urbani is unrivaled in the distribution of this admired tuber. 

Truffles are the treasure of any table, given their delicate, earthy flavor and rare status. In fact, truffles cannot be grown or tamed but must be hunted by Italy's famed tartufai and their trusty dogs, who unearth the prized ingredient. Treat yourself to a decadent evening with this overflowing collection of truffle delights and artisanal pasta pairings, hand-selected by our Eataly experts. Filled with ready-to-eat sauces and high-quality pasta, from the bronze extruded pasta di Gragnano to the rich egg tagliatelle, this collection offers all the ingredients for a delicious evening meal – even Eataly's cookbook, to help you cook your pasta to perfection!

Urbani – White Truffle and Porcini Mushroom Sauce
Urbani – Truffle and Artichoke Sauce
Urbani – Truffle and Pesto Sauce
Urbani – Truffle and Tomato Sauce
Pastaio di Gragnano – Vesuvio Pasta
Monograno Felicetti – Matt Tagliatelle Egg Pasta
Rigorosa – Linguine Pasta
Antignano – Tagliatelle Egg Pasta
Rizzoli – All About Pasta cookbook

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