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Black Truffle Almonds 4 oz

Black Truffle Almonds 4 oz


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The new line of dried nuts from Urbani will surely make your next aperitivo very special. The Black Truffle Almonds from Urbani are toasted in olive oil and flavored with Urbani's prized black truffle-infused salt.

Enjoy them as a luscious snack, or on your next antipasto board with a truffle-flavored cheese such as Canestrato.

Urbani Tartufi, the most esteemed truffle distributor in the world, is led by Paolo and Bruno Urbani, direct descendant brothers of the founders. Today, Urbani still works directly with local truffle hunters who are connected to the land. Following ancient traditions, they hunt the truffles in the forests of central and northern Italy with trained dogs.

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Producer Urbani