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Ultimate Eatalian

Ultimate Eatalian


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Indulge in this curated selection of the ultimate Italian accompaniments to any dish. For a dash of decadence, infuse saffron from Umbria into a sauce; for a taste of terroir, drizzle gelato in artisanal balsamic vinegar from Emilia Romagna. Crafted with the utmost care and the highest quality ingredients, each product in the Ultimate Eatalian is a representation of Italian traditions that have existed for centuries, following a rigorous production process making it not only rare, but uniquely delicious.

Aironi - Cabbage and Anchovy Risotto
Urbani - Black Truffle Salt
Villa Manodori - Essenziale Black Pepper Oil
Villa Manadori - Balsamic Artigianale Vinegar
Salina di Cervia - Cooking Sea Salt
Eataly - Premium Gift Box

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