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Tartufissima #19 Tagliatelle Pasta with Truffles 8.8 oz

Tartufissima #19 Tagliatelle Pasta with Truffles 8.8 oz


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Since 1968, Tartuflanghe founders Domenica and Beppe have been selling fresh truffle products from Piemonte. Beppe's traditional Piemontese recipes have since enabled the company to become a trusted name in the specialized high-quality food market, both in Italy and the U.S. 

This completely hand-made tagliatelle has an extraordinary texture, a high percentage of truffle, and a high percentage of eggs which enhances the flavor of the truffle. Try this delicious pasta served tossed with melted butter and grated Parmigiano Reggiano DOP on top. 

Sku 1130526
Producer Tartuflanghe
Produced in Montenegro