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Peeled Whole Tomatoes 14 oz

Peeled Whole Tomatoes 14 oz


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The delicious Italian peeled whole tomatoes from Mutti are plump, firm, fleshy, rich in flavor and ideal for a wide range of recipes, from sauces to soups and stews. In Parma, Mutti company carefully removes their skin with steam and then immerses the peeled tomatoes in a delicious, velvety passata (puree) without any additives or preservatives and are canned to preserve their freshness. The result is incredibly vibrant tomatoes that maintain their bright red color and flavor, and break down quickly when cooked. Enjoy these tasty peeled tomatoes on focaccia and pizza, or simply cut them in half and serve them as small appetizers.

In Emilia Romagna, near Parma, the Mutti family has shared a passion for the taste of naturally sweet, vine-ripened Italian tomatoes since 1899. Mutti selects the best tasting and ripe Italian tomatoes then cans them using a low temperature process. All Mutti tomatoes have in common a rich yet fresh taste, delicious aroma, and vibrant red color.

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