White Almond Confections 5.4oz

White Almond Confections 5.4oz

Ernesto Brusa

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Jordan Almonds are a staple in Italian Celebrations. Made by covering almonds in a sugar paste, these almonds are collected inside bomboniere, small favors that are distributed at various gatherings such as weddings, births, graduations, and all kinds of ceremonies. These confections, especially when distributed at weddings, are meant to symbolize the power of a strong union, with the almonds symbolizing the bitterness of life, and the sugar symbolizing the redemption achieved through the sweetness of love.

These almond confections typically come in different colors: white is for weddings, pink and blue are for baptism, and red is for graduation. The White Almond Confections from Ernesto Brusa are typically enjoyed to celebrate a newly-wed couple, though the treat, made following his original recipe, toasted and covered with a fine layer of sugar, is appropriate to celebrate any and all occasions.

Give these treats as a unique gift, or enjoy them yourself for a sweet treat anytime.

Master confectioner Ernesto Brusa became popular throughout his hometown Varese and the rest of Lombardia in the 1930s, thanks to his take on the region’s traditional sugar-coated almonds.

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