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Tutti a tavola!

Tutti a tavola!


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When dining Italian-style during the holidays, the joy of gathering around the table with family and friends is matched only by the joy brought by a favorite pasta and sauce pairing! With this gift box, the lucky recipient will have everything they need to host a big Italian feast with pasta and sauces to satisfy every guest, from savory meat ragù to authentic eggplant sauce and beyond.

Hand-packed in a signature Eataly gift basket, gift includes:

Antignano Tagliatelle Egg Pasta (8.8 oz), Lidia's Chunky Eggplant Tomato Sauce (25 oz), Rigorosa Bucatini (17.6 oz), Afeltra Spaghettone Bianca (17.6 oz), Così Com'è Datterino Unpeeled in Sauce (12 oz) Roi Monocultivar Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil (16.2 oz), La Dispensa di Amerigo Ragù Bolognese (7.05 oz), Grondona Canestrelli Cookies (3.5 oz), Muzzi Orange Chocolate Panettone (17.6 oz), Antica Bronte Pistachio Almond Tocchetti (7.05 oz), Afeltra Vesuvio Pasta (17.6 oz), Domori Giandujotti (7.05 oz), Baratti Milano Gianduja Spread 51% (7.05 oz).

Size: 15 in L x 13 in W x 6 in H

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