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Rivelazione Cremino Fiat Wafer 0.7 oz

Rivelazione Cremino Fiat Wafer 0.7 oz


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The Rivelazione Cremino Fiat Wafer from Majani owns its name to the "revelation" that the lead chocolatier at Majani had over a century ago: to produce a chocolate snack made from the famous Cremino Fiat, a 4-layered chocolate treat. The resulting treat is made of two delicious wafers, made of almonds, hazelnuts, and sugar, surrounding a cream made of luscious Cremini Fiat.

Enjoy with an afternoon espresso or as an after-dinner treat.

As one of the oldest chocolate companies in Italy, Majani has been creating artisanal chocolate confections since 1796 in Bologna. Started as a small shop from the matriarch Teresina Majani, the shop quickly evolved over time thanks to its continuous innovations like the "Scorza," the oldest solid-shaped chocolate produced in Italy, named after its similarity to tree bark. In 1911, Majani won the chocolate challenge launched by the famous Automotive Company FIAT by creating the Cremino FIAT, a delicious 4-layered chocolate treat, which is now the cornerstone of the company. Today, Majani continues to produce high-quality chocolate following its traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation, while also focusing on innovating chocolate production.

Sku 1130787
Producer Majani
Produced in Italy