"Fioridifrutta" Strawberry Jam 8.82 oz

"Fioridifrutta" Strawberry Jam 8.82 oz

Rigoni di Asiago

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This Strawberries and Wild Strawberries Jam from the Rigoni "Fiordifrutta" line is made exclusively from select organic strawberries using a low-temperature cooking process. The Rigoni Fiordifrutta product line does not contain any added sugar but instead uses only organic wild apple juice as a sweetener. Both strawberries and wild strawberries are mainly harvested in the Montana region of Bulgaria from April to August. This jam is very sweet and intense in flavor. Strawberries and Wild Strawberries Jam pairs well with soft goat cheese and chocolate. Enjoy this jam also in yogurt, smoothies and any dessert.

Rigoni di Asiago is a family-owned company from Altopiano di Asiago situated in the mountainous region Northeastern Italy. The Rigoni family has been producing delicious, organically farmed jam, honey and chocolate spreads since 1920. Each product is the result of scrupulous work that complies with the highest standards.

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Producer Rigoni di Asiago