Crunchy Almond Bar 3.5 oz

Crunchy Almond Bar 3.5 oz

Le Deliziose

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Made exclusively with Filippo Cea Almonds from Toritto and high-quality honey, the Crunchy Almond Bar is a sweet bar with a wonderful chew. Typical of the Pugliese tradition, these toasted almonds have a buttery and rich flavor, enriched by a roasted aroma.

Perfect for when you wish to enjoy a sweet moment to yourself, the bar is a delicious and flavor-packed treat.

Started out of love for local almonds, Le Deliziose was founded in 1977 by Giuseppe Povia to turn the local seeds into traditional desserts such as Marzapane di Puglia, Cupeta, and Mandorelli. Today, Le Deliziose focuses on the production of high-quality desserts, made with their own almond fields of the Filippo Cea, Genco, Tuono, Antonio De Vito varieties.

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