Classic Colomba & Sweet Spreads

Classic Colomba & Sweet Spreads


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Limited to 10000 items per customer while supplies last.


Limited to 10000 items per customer while supplies last.

Passover and Easter are just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to stock on your favorite seasonal treat, Colomba, with the perfect bundle pairing of Classic Colomba & Sweet Spreads.

Baked by our favorite artisans, colombe are a must-have on any Italian-inspired Easter table. Spring’s counterpart to the wintertime panettoni, the rich and fluffy cake is traditionally made with high-quality flour, farm-fresh eggs, sugar, butter, and natural yeast that takes at least 30 hours to rise. After rising, the dough is then baked into the iconic dove shape and finally topped with pearl sugar and almonds.

You can enjoy a slice of delicious Classic Colomba on its own after your festive meal, but we recommend matching it to Babbi's chocolate and hazelnut spreads. Try it the Italian way with coffee for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up!

Sku K2033448
Producer Eataly
  • 1 x Chocolate Spread 5.3 oz - Babbi
  • 1 x Gran Galup Classic Colomba 26.4 oz - Galup
  • 1 x Hazelnut Spread 5.3 oz - Babbi