Crema Gianduia Fondente Spread 7 oz

Crema Gianduia Fondente Spread 7 oz


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The now iconic gianduja spread is a harmonious mix of cocoa blended with traditional hazelnut paste in each jar.

Spread over toast, cookies, and cakes; pair with fruit; or simply scoop with a spoon.

Caffarel has been making chocolate since 1826 in a small town in the foothills near Torino. The origins of gianduja (pronounced jan-DOO-yah) go back to 1861, when after the rationing of cocoa during the turbulent years following the Napoleonic wars, a cash-strapped Italian government increased import taxes on certain goods including cocoa beans, threatening the livelihoods of many Italian chocolatiers. Ever resourceful, artisans from the Piemonte region, led by Caffarel founder Pier Paul, began to try recipes with a higher proportion of local ingredients, including the famous Piemontese hazelnuts.

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