Trinitario 80% Dark Chocolate Bar 2.6 oz

Trinitario 80% Dark Chocolate Bar 2.6 oz


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The Trinitario 80% Dark Chocolate Bar from Domori is made with the finest Trinitario cocoa beans from Perù, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Tanzania and Madagascar. According to legend, the Trinitario bean is named after the island of Trinidad, where, the near-extinction Criollo bean blended with the Forastero, that had been introduced by Brasilian friars.

Enjoy any time on-the-go or with a cappuccino for an afternoon treat or with red wine for dessert.

Domori Chocolate was founded in 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni. In 1993, after studying Business, he landed in Venezuela, where he became fascinated by the magic of cocoa. He then decided to build a model for the repositioning of fine cocoa. For three years, he lived in the field and experimented with varieties and after-harvest in order to preserve the biodiversity and prevent the extinction of extra-fine cocoa, the Criollo.

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