Meet Vicenzi

Meet Vicenzi


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Limited to 10000 items per customer while supplies last.

In 1905, Matilde Vicenzi opened a pasticceria in San Giovanni Lupato, a village near Verona in northern Italy. The 39-year-old mother of two had always loved to create pastries at home, and with encouragement from family and friends — and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship — she decided to make the leap with her own pastry shop.

From airy ladyfingers to cream-filled cookies, Matilde's homespun recipes quickly grew popular throughout the region and beyond. More than 110 years later, led by her grandson Giuseppe, Vicenzi creates artisanal treats that are celebrated across the world.

Amaretti, biscotti, and cream-filled cookies fill this Eataly-curated bundle with the symbols of Italian pastry-making traditions that Vicenzi is so well-known for.

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Producer Vicenzi
  • 1 x Amaretti Cookies 3.5oz - Vicenzi
  • 1 x Grisbì Hazelnut Cream-Filled Cookies 5.3oz - Vicenzi
  • 1 x Cantuccini Almond Biscotti 7.9oz - Vicenzi
  • 1 x Minivoglie Cookie Assortment - Vicenzi
  • 1 x Roma Assorted Puff Pastry & Shortbreads Tin 32oz - Vicenzi
  • 1 x Tesoro Vanilla Puff Pastry 4.4 oz - Vicenzi