Fruits and Seeds Cantucci Cookies 7 oz

Fruits and Seeds Cantucci Cookies 7 oz

Fratelli Lunardi

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Inspired by Cantucci, a type of biscotti - twice-cooked cookies - that are traditional to Siena, the Fruits and Seeds Cantucci Cookies from Fratelli Lunardi are crunchy cookies enriched with candied fruits and delicious seeds.

Enjoy them on their own or dipped in your favorite beverage, from cappuccino to dessert wine.

Founded by brother bakers and pastry aficionados Massimiliano and Riccardo, Fratelli Lunardi is a family-run company producing high-quality, fresh, and delicious pastries just like the home-made ones! Specializing in Tuscan delicacies like cantucci, the wide array of Fratelli Lunardi's cookies will make the perfect addition to your breakfast spreads.

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