Baci di Dama Cookies 7.1 oz

Baci di Dama Cookies 7.1 oz

Biscottificio Del Roero

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The Baci di Dama Cookies from Biscottificio del Roero is a mouth-watering bacio di dama, or "Lady's Kiss," a delicious cookie made with delicate hazelnut biscuits united by a layer of dark chocolate.

Light and delicate, these biscuits are excellent on their own and even better when savored with your favorite tea.

Biscottificio Roero was founded on the basis of a project that was embarked upon some 20 years ago by Luigi Roero and is today pursued enthusiastically by the son and daughter team Alberto and Alessia. Their amazing products are made in an artisanal workshop where all stages of the process are handcrafted as in the past, in strict compliance with the original recipes. The decision to refrain from automating even the smallest part of the production process was difficult and complex, but it achieves its purpose of producing an absolutely unique result that will delight at each bite.

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