Assorted Amaretti Cookies in Tin 6.3 oz

Assorted Amaretti Cookies in Tin 6.3 oz

Chiostro di Saronno

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The Assorted Amaretti Cookies in Tin from Chiostro di Saronno are individually wrapped cookies made with only a few, high-quality ingredients, following the traditional recipe from Saronno, in Lombardia, containing apricot’s kernels, sugar, and egg whites.

Packaged in a beautiful tin, this cookie is the perfect match for a sweet glass of wine, or it can be enjoyed as a crispy snack after a meal.

Amaretti di Saronno, from the Italian word amaro meaning bitter, is a crunchy cookie that, according to legend, was first prepared by a young couple in 1718 as a gift for the Cardinal of Milano who was visiting the city of Saronno, in Lombardia. It was thanks to the Lazzaroni family, however, that the company Chiostro di Saronno was able to popularize the consumption of amaretti worldwide. Today, Chiostro di Saronno is still dedicated to producing high-quality sweets and liquors representative of the region Lombardia.

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