Almond Pastries with Pistachios 5.3 oz

Almond Pastries with Pistachios 5.3 oz

Antica Bronte Dolceria

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Mainly prepared in Apulia, Salentino, Sicily, and Sardinia, almond paste is one of Italy's most famous confectionery specialties with origins that can be traced back to the end of 1100 in the vicinity of Palermo. The Almond Pastries with Pistachios by Antica Bronte Dolceria contain only the best Sicilian almonds, sugar, honey, vanilla essential oil, and the infamous Bronte pistachios for a crunchy twist.

Enjoy with a cup of coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up, or serve as after-dinner dessert with a glass of wine.

Antica Bronte Dolceria is in the heart of Bronte, a Sicilian town famous for pistachios. The historic Sicilian shop is celebrated for its array of confectioneries, especially holiday cakes and desserts.

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