Chocolates in Winter Mini Book 4.1 oz


Chocolates in Winter Mini Book 4.1 oz


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Packed in a book-shaped tin with a Christmas tree, the Chocolates in Winter Mini Book from Venchi is the perfect gift for any chocolate-lover in your life. The Winter Book is filled with Chocoviar Crème Brulée e Chocoviar Gianduia chocolates, Venchi's squared praline made with a hard shell with a delicious and rich filling.

Perfect on their own, or enjoy them with coffee, tea, cappuccino, or red wine.

In early 1878, artisan chocolatier Silvano Venchi opened his own chocolate shop in his hometown of Torino. With just two bronze cooking pots and a passion for chocolate, he combined regional recipes and the finest natural ingredients to create his confections. Today, Venchi is celebrated across the world for its high-quality chocolates made from the same ingredients: Criollo Cocoa, the rarest and most expensive cocoa representing only 5% of all cocoa grown worldwide, natural vanilla, and the famous IGP Piemontese hazelnuts.

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