Marzipan - Gift Box of 4

Marzipan - Gift Box of 4

Antica Bronte Dolceria

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The Marzipan - Gift Box of 4 from Antica Bronte Dolceria is filled with marzapane, a delicious dessert from the Sicilian tradition, originally created to greet an archbishop visiting the Martorana Monastery run by Benedictine nuns. Today, it is traditionally prepared and enjoyed for the Feast of the Dead on November 1st, but, with its bright colors and a very sweet taste, it is actually perfect for any gathering that requires both a delicious and beautiful dessert.

Enjoy it as a delicious pick-me-up at the end of a meal.

Antica Bronte Dolceria is in the heart of Bronte, a Sicilian town famous for pistachios. The historic Sicilian shop is celebrated for its array of confectioneries, especially holiday cakes and desserts.

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