Chocolate Rubata Breadsticks 7.1 oz

Chocolate Rubata Breadsticks 7.1 oz


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Delicious hand-shaped Rubata Breadsticks are covered with the finest dark chocolate from the artisanal pastry shop of Davide Barbero. In the Piemontese dialect, "Rubata" means "fallen," and it refers to the technique where the baker hand-rolls the breadsticks, rolling them around their thumbs with the palms of the hands closed together, then letting them fall on the rolling board. The Rubata breadsticks are a typical specialty from Torino and is one of the oldest forms of breadsticks, dating back to the Court of Savoy in 1679.

Enjoy it during the day as a salty and sweet snack, or give as a unique culinary gift.

Davide Barbero is most famous for the production of artisanal torrone, a light, crumbly sweet nougat that’s been popular in Italy for thousands of years. Documents from 1838 show that Filippo Barbero, the founder, was a professional confectioner and baker cake maker at the Annuziata Church in the small town of Mombercelli d’Asti, in the Piemonte region. In 1883, the Barbero confectionary shop was officially registered. Since then, seven generations have been involved in the family’s artisanal business.

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