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What specialty and/or allergy-friendly products do you carry (e.g., gluten-free, kosher, etc.)?

We are proud to carry a variety of food, drink, and other high-quality products from Italy and the United States. Click here to view our market offerings.


Gluten-free products?

Yes, Eataly carries a selection of gluten-free pastas and pastries.

Kosher products?

Yes, Eataly does carry kosher products, including a selection of chocolates (visit our Venchi counter!), pastas (by Lidia Bastianich), and yogurt (Maple Hill Creamery).

Truffle oil or truffle honey?          

No, Eataly does not carry either of these products, though we do offer fresh truffles and other truffle-based products!

Pasteurized milk?

We work with some of the best local dairies to offer safe milks that are "low" pasteurized; they are not as highly pasteurized as most commercial store milks, but they meet federal regulations.

Soups and salads to go?

Yes, we offer soup, freshly-made green salads, and pasta dishes to take away.

Gluten-free bread in the market?

At this time, Eataly does not bake gluten-free bread. Our on-site bakery, which uses gluten flour, would compromise the environment for a person who must consume gluten-free products.

Non-Italian olive oil?

No, we are proud to offer an extensive extra virgin olive oil selection comprised of boutique, single-estate oils exclusively from Italy.

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I have a product that I believe Eataly would be interested in. Who do I contact?

Eataly is proud to carry fresh and artisanal foods from Italy and the United States. If you would like to send in a sample of your product, please contact

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