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Subbiotti 17.6 oz

Subbiotti 17.6 oz


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The Subbiotti from Felicetti is a short pasta, bronze-extruded, and made with pure water from the Dolomite mountains and 100% Italian durum wheat semolina.

Perfect for a variety of preparations, these Subbiotti taste their best when combined with soups and broths, like minestrone, or with a bean-based sauce to make pasta e fagioli.

Cooking time: 9 minutes.

Family-owned since its creation in 1908, Felicetti has been committed to refining its production methods to find the best combination of Dolomite water and durum wheat. Years of innovation have led them to create a textured and chewy pasta, with a great flavor, and versatile enough to pair with a variety of sauces. This new line embodies all the expertise that derives from tradition with the innovative eco-friendly paper packaging.

Sku 1141434
Producer Felicetti
Produced in Italy
State/Province Trentino-Alto Adige