HAVE A SUMMER FLING! - Keep it hot: bring an Italian. Get our favorite tips and tricks!

Have a Summer Fling at Eataly USA

Have a Summer Fling at Eataly USA

Summer is the perfect time to have a fling. Trust us: sparkling drinks and savory bites pair perfectly with whispered sweet nothings. And if we've learned one thing about l'amore in Italy — and trust us, we've learned a lot — if you want to keep it hot, bring an Italian.

So, come find love at Eataly USA, even if it's only for the season! Whether you’re single and looking, want to fan the flames with your partner, or just want to have a blast with your friends, we'll share all the top tricks to having a summer fling to remember.

Can't make it to the store? No problem. We'll deliver everything you need for your summer fling straight to your door when you shop on Eataly.com!