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Meet Our New Vertical Farm

Meet Our New Vertical Farm

Attention SERRA lovers – our greenhouse-inspired restaurant just got a whole lot greener. Meet our newest installation: a vertical, hydroponic farm featuring a variety of edible herbs!

Born by our chef’s desire to grow our own produce sustainably, the new vertical rooftop farm will feature five unique herbs: bush basil, pluto basil, nepitella, peppermint, and marjoram. Much to the delight of our chefs and beverage team (and diners!), the herbs will be used in SERRA’s dishes and cocktails, giving us a farm-to-table experience in a matter of seconds.

How does our vertical farm work? Herbs are grown following a hydroponic farming method. With this technique, plants do not require soil. Instead, they gather their nutrients from a mineral nutrient solution mixed in water. This method allows the plants to absorb only the nutrients they need, beating traditional farming for flavor.

The new greenhouse installation was built by Farm.One, a company that creates urban vertical farms using hydroponics and LED lighting to grow rare produce in New York City.

Farm One Serra - 1

Ready to get a taste? We're still waiting for our little plants to grow! As soon as they're mature enough (in just a few weeks!), we'll start using them in our dishes and drinks.

In the meantime, get a sneak peek! Reserve your table at SERRA D'AUTUNNO by Birreria.

Serra Autunno Food - 1