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Indulge in Truffles at Eataly NYC Flatiron

Indulge in Truffles at Eataly NYC Flatiron

Looking to get a taste of fresh truffles in NYC? Indulge in this prized tuber at Eataly NYC Flatiron with truffle-forward dishes in our restaurants, plus fresh truffles and pairings in our marketplace!

October through December is the peak season of the revered white truffle. Prized across the world and incredibly rare, the aromatic tubers are hunted in the wild forests of northern and central Italy only a few months out of the year where they typically grow among oak, hazel, poplar, and beech trees. And the taste? The prized ingredient boasts earthy aromas and notes of shallot, leaving a truly unforgettable flavor to savor!

In time for your holiday feast, we're featuring truffles in ways you've never seen (or tasted!) before, from creative dishes at our restaurants to special offers in the market. Eat, shop, and learn as we count down to Truffle Day on Sunday, December 23 when the culinary gold will be available to take home at the lowest price of the season!



Our chefs get excited from the moment the first truffles are delivered to our marketplace. All season long, enjoy both classic and creative truffle dishes and ask our serves about our fresh truffle supplements!


Truffles are taking over Manzo! Through January 2019, indulge in a variety of truffle-forward dishes at Manzo, our butcher's restaurant. Enjoy Tartufo al Tavolo (whole truffles for the table) as well as seasonal dishes and fresh supplements. Explore the menu and book your table.


Only have a few minutes to get a taste of truffles? Ask about our White Truffle Butter and Parmigiano Reggiano Fonduta at our panini counter. You add this aromatic supplement to any panino of your choice for just $5.


Indulge in special truffle dishes and fresh truffle supplements at all our other restaurants. Explore all restaurants and book your table to get at taste.



All season long, shop fresh White Truffles d'Alba and Burgundy Truffles at our fresh pasta counter. Once you get your truffle to take home, browse our marketplace for truffle oils, sauces, and more – not to mention the pasta and rice to go with it. Then, plot your next holiday feast. Fresh truffles are best shaved over a simple but quality dishes, such as bruschetta, risotto, pasta, and much more. In other words: move over, pork roast. The new maestro of the meal is here!

Looking for the best deal on fresh truffles in NYC? Mark your calendars for Truffle Day on Sunday, December 23 when you can take home fresh truffles at the lowest price of the season.

Truffles Scuola

Happy truffling!