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Tavolo Takeover at Il Pastaio

Tavolo Takeover at Il Pastaio

Tavolo Takeovers are back! Celebrate one year of tradition, technique & regional pasta dishes at our weekly Tavolo Takeovers at Il Pastaio, where we’ll uncover what the restaurant stands for - modernity, empowerment, tradition, and authenticity.

At Eataly, we believe the more you know, the more you enjoy. That's why at Il Pastaio, our new fresh housemade pasta bar, you can watch our guest pasta makers knead, roll, and form fresh pasta right before your eyes. To celebrate one year of Il Pastaio (not to mention National Pasta Month!), we're hosting a very special Tavolo Takeover series with some of the best pastai and chefs in the industry.


Uncover the art, science, and technique behind the making of fresh pasta at Il Pastaio di Eataly. During our Tavolo Takeover events, you can meet renowned guest pasta makers, who come from all around the world, as they prepare a specialty pasta at our tavolo, or "table," in the middle of the restaurant. Watch and learn as they share their secrets and artisanal techniques. Then, get a taste of their featured pasta which our chefs will cook and pair with the perfect sauce.

fresh pasta by hand


Thursday, November 7 from 6 to 8 p.m.

When it comes to homemade pasta, any Italian will tell you: no one can compete with nonna. Representing authenticity in the art of pasta making, the Italian Grandmothers of Enoteca Maria, a restaurant where real Italian nonne are the chefs that bring the food traditions of their homeland to New York, will take over our tavolo this November. Join for a glimpse – and a taste – of their centuries-old culinary craft that has been passed down for generations.

What's on the menu at Il Pastaio? Nonna Maria from Avellino will make cavatelli, an ancient variety of semolina pasta from Molise made by dragging the pasta dough across a surface, while Nonna Margherita from Palermo and will make tagliatelle, a long pasta from Bologna made with fresh egg dough. Mark your calendars to join in on a very special Tavolo Takeover this November!

Fresh pasta making by Evan Funke



The “American Sfoglino” and esteemed chef of Felix Trattoria, Evan Funke is an expert pastaio who brings together the art of traditional pasta technique with the world of contemporary cuisine. For this reason, Chef Funke is a perfect representation of modernity in the art of pasta making. Having trained under the master sfogline, or pasta makers, of Bologna at La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese, Funke developed a deep passion for pasta. He has since become one of the industry's most renowned pasta chefs and a true culinary storyteller. This September, Chef Funke took over our tavolo to make Balanzoni con Salsiccia, Panna, e Salvia, a regional stuffed pasta typical of Bologna, similar to large tortellini.


After years spent working in highly regarded Northern Italian restaurants, including Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana, the Italian chef Stefano Secchi brings the pasta traditions of Emilia-Romagna to Manhattan at Rezdôra, recently awarded 3 stars by the New York Times. Representing authenticity in the art of pasta making, the chef offers the Big Apple a taste of one of Italy's finest food regions.

Check back soon for our line up of our guest pasta makers! In the meantime, explore the menu and hours at Il Pastaio di Eataly.

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