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A Summer of Wine

A Summer of Wine

All aboard! The Vino Express is making all local stops this summer.

Whether you're heading to the Hamptons for the weekend or planning to chill out on your porch in Syracuse, Eataly Vino has your wine needs covered with special offers on cases, a complimentary tasting event, and free wine delivery all summer long!


Our team at the wine shop loves summer — it's a season ripe with colorful produce, grilling galore, and best of all, wines for the sipping in the sunlight. They've sampled their way through the best Italian wines (because, you know ... research) and have narrowed down their official top 12 essential summer wines that pair best with sunny days and starry evenings.

Through August 31, enjoy 20% off cases of these summer picks, plus 10% off all other cases! Each case comes with 12 wines: you can choose all the same wine or mix and match. If we're doing our math correctly, that's about 479 million ways to make a set.


You work hard and deserve to play even harder. That's why we're making things easy for you with wine delivered to your door — free of charge. Time to board the Vino Express!


Starting June 8, enjoy free case delivery to your house in the Hamptons every Thursday, just in time for the weekend! This means you can relax on the drive or jitney ride up, knowing there's wine waiting for you (and one less thing on your to-do list).

To get your case delivered by Thursday at wine o'clock, orders must be received by Tuesday at 2 p.m.


If plans to kick back with the sand between your toes aren't on the horizon, not to worry! We're offering free shipping for cases ordered across New York State.

From Buffalo to Albany, and everywhere in between, savor the summer with a case of Italian wine delivered to your doorstep.

To order your case(s) of wine, either:

1. Call (646) 398-5102.
2. Email a completed credit card authorization form to thewineshop@eataly.com.
3. Stop by Eataly Vino, located just past our market entrance on 23rd Street.

We'll toast to that. Salute!

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