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Fall in Love with Gelato

Fall in Love with Gelato

As Italians, we’re always in the mood for a little something sweet, and there are few greater pleasures for us than gelato. Swoon with your spoon all summer long with classic gelato, indulgent coppe, delicious affogato, and more!


Who needs a summer fling when you can have gelato? It’s sweet, creamy, and frozen to perfection. In fact, our gelato and sorbetto are the only products frozen inside all of Eataly! 

When you come in for a visit, enjoy the more than 10 flavors of gelato and sorbetto in a cup, cone, or even a pint to go. Keep things intimate with one scoop, or satisfy your craving with a "Gigante" waffle cone with four scoops. Who ever said size doesn’t matter?

Explore our gelato menu!

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Caffè Lavazza and the gelato counter are hooking up all summer long with a new affogato menu.

Affogato — meaning “drowned” in Italian — unites two of Italy’s most prized indulgences: gelato and espresso. Enjoy a classic affogato at Lavazza with two scoops of gelato doused with two shots of espresso. Or at the gelato counter, enjoy three scoops of gelato and two shots of espresso, all with with housemade whipped cream and your choice of toppingsfrom Amarena cherries to housemade cannoli crumble. (Yes, toppings are an American creation, but we like to think that we Italians have taken them to the next level!)

What's more, little ones can enjoy a special kid-friendly affogato made with one scoop of gelato deliciously blanketed in hot chocolate and topped with whipped cream. Adults, don't be envious: you too can sub in hot chocolate for espresso!

Whether for dessert or an afternoon pick-me-up, savor your affogato until the last drop just inside our Fifth Avenue entrance daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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Just when it seemed like the Nutella Bar couldn't get any sweeter, our pastry chefs have created a new menu of coppe: the Italian answer to American sundaes. These elaborate treats comprise generous scoops of housemade gelato topped with sweet pairings and served in a tall glass bowl or waffle cone.

Inspired by classic pastries from across Italy, the menu will evolve throughout the summer. Indulge in the Della Nonna (coffee and tiramisu gelato, lady finger cookies, whipped cream, and shaved chocolate), the Piemonte (chocolate, hazelnut, and fior di latte gelato; Nutella; whipped cream; and crushed hazelnuts), or the Frutta Mista (coconut and passion fruit gelato, mango sorbet, seasonal fruit, whipped cream, and toasted coconut)!

Spend seven minutes in heaven with your coppa at the Nutella Bar, located by our 23rd Street entrance and open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.


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