All the Ways to Gelato in NYC

All the Ways to Gelato in NYC

In Italy, summer is synonymous with one thing, and one thing only… gelato! Gelato in Italy is not just the ultimate summer treat but it’s also a moment to meet up with friends or family and spend a sweet moment together. Gelato is a destination: so this year at Eataly, we want to celebrate summer all’italiana for the first time again by bringing together all of our favorite flavors of gelato in NYC with brand-new frozen treats, aperitivo-inspired sorbetti, and an exclusive guest gelateria series featuring some of the city’s best gelato!



at Il Patio di Eataly

Gelato is a means of bringing people together: to prove it, we are inviting some of NYC’s top gelaterie to Il Patio di Eataly to showcase an exclusive gelato dessert on our menu for 3 weeks! 

Book your table now and to soak up the last days of Summer in our outdoor Piazza-inspired restaurant!




L'Albero dei gelati | Tuesday, June 15 to July 5, 2021
Coppetta Ricotta e Limone and Olio d'Oliva, with savory biscotto and Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzle

Venchi | Tuesday, July 16 to July 26, 2021
Coppetta 360 Chocoviar - Gelato Cuor di Cacao, gelato Giandujotto, and gelato Brutto ma Buono, topped with a drizzle of signature Suprema XV Chocolate Spread, Chocoviar grains, and a small Venchi chocolate square

Mo Gelato | Tuesday, July 27 to August 18, 2021
Monella - Two scoops of dark cherry gelato topped with almond slices, hazelnut powder, a Stracciatella chocolate drizzle and Fabbri Amarena Cherries

Gelateria Gentile | Thursday, August 19 to September 8, 2021
Trancio di Cassata - A slice of Cassata made of Crema Antica and Chocolate gelato, sour cherries, sponge cake soaked with Strega Liqueur, Cassata semifreddo with chocolate chips, candied fruits, and nuts



All of our gelato is made in-house daily using local, pasteurized whole milk from Hudson Valley Dairy farm. Our gelato’s prized consistency is achieved by slowly churning the milk with the highest quality ingredients like pistachios from Sicilia, hazelnuts from Piemonte, and choice Venchi chocolate from Torino. Our sorbetto selection is all made with real, whole fruit and is both dairy-free and egg-free.

New this season: our Bomboloni Gelato! In Sicilia, a traditional summertime treat is a bombolone con gelato, an Italian-style doughnut cut in half and filled with one or two – or sometimes even three – scoops of gelato. Make as if you were on holiday in Sicilia and order a bombolone con gelato at our Gelato Counter! You can choose from filled bomboloni packed with our favorite flavor combinations (think: cream, strawberry jam, and gianduja) or start with an empty bombolone and fill it with the gelato scoops of your choosing!

The Bombolone Gelato from Eataly's Gelato Counter


at the Eataly Kiosk outdoors

Enjoy the warm weather al fresco with a view of the iconic Flatiron building and a cup of Eataly gelato! Stop by the Eataly Kiosk to pick up our famed housemade gelato outdoors. When aperitivo hour comes around, discover aperitivo-inspired sorbetto flavors! Our pastry team has created two new sorbetto flavors infused with some of Italy's most iconic drinks: Aperol and Limoncello. When the weather calls for icy treats and the time calls for aperitivo, get a scoop or two of the Aperol Sorbetto or Limoncello Sorbetto.

Sorbetto Sprits at the Eataly Kiosk


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