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Pizza by Jonathan Wu

Pizza by Jonathan Wu

This August, take your fling across three continents without leaving New York City with an Italian pizza by the famed chef of a Chinese-American restaurant.

...did we lose you? We'll back up. Chef Jonathan Wu of Fung Tu, a favorite restaurant on the border of the Lower East Side and Chinatown, has designed an exclusive pizza for us.

Throughout the summer, we've been welcoming some of the best chefs in New York to our pizza kitchens with Star Chef Pizza Collaboration Series by Rossopomodoro, the Napoli-based company behind our award-winning pizza at Eataly USA.

Held exclusively in New York —a city that knows its pizza — this special series spotlights a different esteemed chef from a top local restaurant every month. Each chef crafts an all-new pizza, available for you to taste at La Pizza & La Pasta at Eataly NYC Flatiron and Eataly NYC Downtown.

For the third edition, we tapped Jonathan Wu of Fung Tu. As both chef and owner, Jonathan brings "hometown flavor" to his restaurant, a translation of "Fung Tu" coined by his grandfather that refers to the Cantonese phrase's focus on terroir, or taste of place. When shaping the seasonal menu, he shares a creative and personal style of Chinese-American food.


For La Pizza & La Pasta, Jonathan's creation is a mouthwatering taste of the best of Italy, China, and America: 'A Cantonese is a clam pizza with lap cheong (traditional Chinese pork sausages), garlic chives, clam cream, black beans, ginger, garlic, scallion, pickled red onions, and chili oil.

...we know. Get thee to your closest Eataly NYC by August 31.

Next up, keep your eyes peeled and appetite prepped for upcoming guest chefs, including Dale Talde of Talde, Josh Russ Tupper of Russ & Daughters, and Einat Admony of Balaboosta.

How did we choose these particular stars? It's simple: Rossopomodoro's team looked for chefs who would embody our shared philosophy of serving simple, seasonal, straightforward, healthy, and flavorful fare — spiced with their own signature flair!

“Everybody does (pizza) differently," explained Simone Falco, chef and owner of Rossopomodoro and president and CEO of Rossopomodoro at Eataly USA. "We wanted to explore how others personally prepare and eat their favorite slices, and the Star Chef Pizza Collaboration Series does just that.”

“We’re excited for these talented chefs to unveil new creative recipes each month," agreed Nicola Farinetti, the CEO at Eataly USA, adding, "Can’t wait for diners to pick their favorites!”

After Jonathan ends his term on August 31, we'll reveal the next pizza creation. Get ready — buon appetito!

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