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Spring is Blossoming on the Roof!

Spring is Blossoming on the Roof!

Get ready New York: a new season is blossoming on the roof!

SERRA by Birreria, our seasonal restaurant on the roof has officially transformed into SERRA FIORITA. Inspired by a “flowering greenhouse" in the Italian countryside, the spring edition of our rooftop restaurant is replete with a brand-new look and menu, including a colorful, fun atmosphere, refreshing cocktails, natural wines, and seasonal plates infused with Italian tradition.

Read on to discover what’s new. (Spoiler alert: there are Spritz!) Then, EXPLORE THE MENU and BOOK YOUR TABLE to be one of the first to experience it all.


A classic Italian cocktail originating in Veneto, a spritz is comprised of one part prosecco, one part Aperol (orange bitter), a splash of soda water, ice, and an orange slice for garnish. SERRA FIORITA has an extensive spritz cocktail menu featuring the traditional Aperol version, plus five twists on the classic (think: violet flower liqueur and frozen Aperol spritz). One sip will instantly transport you to the piazze of Padova and offer a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of New York!

Spritz cocktails at Serra Fiorita of Eataly NYC Flatiron


Staying true to our respect for nature, SERRA FIORITA touts an extensive natural wine list. Natural wines are made from organically grown grapes without any added sulfites or other chemicals. In other words: the only thing you’ll find in the bottle is pure fermented grape juice! Learn more about natural wines with our guide here.


In Italy, there is an old proverb that says, “Del maiale non si butta via niente!” which literally means “from the pig, nothing goes to waste!” This saying originated from Italian peasant farmers, who, when they had a pig, used every single part of it from nose to tail. Not only would they consume the prized cuts of meat, but they would also transform the tough bristles into brushes and needles, and fat into lard used for cooking. Even today, Italian butchers magically transform otherwise unusable trimmings into flavorful sausages and salumi.

Following in the footsteps of Italian tradition, SERRA FIORITA will work with some of the best pork producers both in Italy and the U.S. that use as much of the pig as they can. You’ll get to enjoy a savory bite of well-seasoned Roman-style porchetta, a delicate slice of Prosciutto di Carpegna cured in the breeze of Marche hillsides, and a variety of regional Italian sausages like spicy ‘nduja and fennel.

The food at Eataly's Serra Fiorita restaurant on the roof


As with previous seasonal renditions of SERRA by Birreria (those who visited us for our fall SERRA D’AUTUNNO and winter SERRA ALPINA know what we’re talking about), SERRA FIORITA will continue to offer many of the same elements as before:

*All dishes are made with simple but high-quality ingredients from our favorite farmers in Italy and the U.S.

*Six months after its installation, our vertical farm project by Farm.One is now in full bloom and our chefs are continuing to use these herbs in cocktails and dishes served in the restaurant.

*Our educational vino series, Wine Dinners Under the Stars, will also continue, although with a spring wine focus. Meet prominent winemakers and taste their wines paired with a multi-course dinner.

*Pro tip: Take advantage of Eataly Restaurant Fest from March 18 to 31 when we'll be serving up a $28 two-course menu and $25 bottles of wine.

Serra Fiorita at Eataly NYC Flatiron - A seasonal rooftop restaurant located in the Flatiron district