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Piazza d'Estate: Summer Italian Vibes, Cocktails, and Wines

Piazza d'Estate: Summer Italian Vibes, Cocktails, and Wines

Experience an authentic Italian summer at Piazza d'Estate, our lively Italian square featuring seasonal bites, refreshing cocktails, and chilled wines.

Attenzione: Piazza d'Estate, our summer-themed La Piazza, has ended, but there is always something new going on in our marketplace. Explore all restaurants.

Summer has officially taken over Eataly NYC Flatiron La Piazza, our jovial Italian square located in the heart of our marketplace, with Piazza d'Estate! The seasonal take over features an all-new menu serving up Italian summer cocktails, chilled wines, raw oysters, and an array of summery antipasti.


In Italian, piazza literally translates to "square," while estate means "summer." La piazza is the beating heart of every city or town in Italy, a central meeting place where Italians gather around to eat, drink, and be merry – especially in the warm weather! At Eataly, we decided to bring this experience to you by creating an authentic dining experience where you can have a glass of Italian wine or cocktail paired with traditional small bites, perfect for sharing with friends. After all, that's what summer in Italy is all about!

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The new Piazza d'Estate menu is divided into four sections, each dedicated to a different aspect of Italian summer life.


Found in every respectable village by the sea, il baretto is an Italian beach bar that offers all you need to stay cool. Think: rosé, Spritz, gin cocktails, frozen Negroni, and more!


In an Italian bottega, you can shop local culinary treasures, sit down at small tables, and enjoy your finds with bread and vino. At Piazza d'Estate, enjoy the simple Italian life with an assortment of cheeses and salumi, a mozzarella bar, and seasonal bruschette made with our housemade bread.


To find fresh seafood, there’s no better place than the lungomare, or "boardwalk," in a coastal town. Passerbys meet fishermen after their early morning outings and shop their daily catch. At La Piazza, we like to gobble up fresh oysters, or enjoy local fish with a classic Italian marinade!


Every small Italian town has a fresh market, where customers can meet local farmers and buy their freshly-picked fruit and vegetables. Enjoy traditional vegetarian summer dishes, such as carciofi fritti (fried artichokes) or our housemade mozzarella with fresh asparagus.

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In Italy, it's customary to enjoy an aperitivo – a cocktail or glass of wine paired with small bites – before dinner. This tradition is said to aprire, or "open" the stomach and help you work up an appetite! To experience this ritual first-hand, join us from Monday through Friday between 5 and 7 p.m. for our Chilled Hour, featuring specially-priced drinks from Spritz cocktails to frozen Negroni. Plus, on Wednesdays from 5-8 p.m., you can enjoy live modern jazz music with a local New York band, Secreta Receta!