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It's easy to eat at Eataly because we cook what we sell in the store. Positioned next to the corresponding market section, our restaurants use the highest quality ingredients to create dishes that focus on simplicity. Hopping from restaurant to restaurant in our vibrant marketplace is the Grand Tour, 21st century-style. And from November 5 to 18, you have the perfect excuse to tour all our restaurants with special two-course menus starting at $18, plus wines by the bottle for just $25! It's all part of Eataly Flatiron Restaurant Fest. Mark your calendars and explore our menus below.

  • Il Pastaio di Eataly

    Explore some of the greatest generational secrets of the Italian culinary world at Il Pastaio di Eataly, a new fresh pasta bar. Meaning "pasta maker," Il Pastaio offers fresh, housemade pasta by the bowlful, prepared daily by Eataly's very own pastai who knead, roll, cut and form each shape from scratch according to artisanal pasta-making traditions. Savor the variety paired with regional Italian sauces and wines by the glass.

    Tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis; we do not accept reservations. 
  • SERRA D'AUTUNNO by Birreria

    Step into the Italian countryside at SERRA D'AUTUNNO by Birreria, our fall-infused "greenhouse" pop-up on the roof. Sit down at rustic tables in the shade, and share down-to-earth dishes made with simple but quality ingredients from our favorite farmers in Italy and the U.S. and served family-style, just like in the countryside. Complete your experience with biodynamic wines, edible cocktails, and more (including a boozy Cider Stand!).

    BOOK YOUR TABLE HERE, OR CALL 212.937.8910

  • Manzo

    Meaning "beef" in Italian, Manzo is a vibrant butcher-focused restaurant with a producer-centric menu celebrating meat of all kinds, a behind-the-scenes butcher room, and an expanded bar with a heavy focus on Vermouth.

    BOOK YOUR TABLE HERE, OR CALL 212.229.2180

  • La Pizza & La Pasta

    La Pizza & La Pasta features two of the best-loved Italian dishes: Napoli-style pizza and al dente pasta. Enjoy our seasonal selection just steps away from our expert pasta chefs and dough-slinging pizzaioli (pizza makers).


  • Il Pesce

    Il Pesce features fresh seafood that we responsibly source and sell around the corner at our seafood counter. Every day, we offer a fresh selection of oysters, in addition to the catch of the day served crudo, pan-seared, roasted, and more.

    Tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis; we do not accept reservations. 
  • La Piazza

    A standing enoteca in the heart of Eataly, La Piazza is modeled after a jovial Italian city square, where friends and families gather every day for wine and antipasti. Each corner serves different specialties and dishes coming directly from the surrounding counters or corners, from fresh oysters to cured meats and cheeses.

    Tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis; we do not accept reservations.

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