PASTA CHALLENGE – 3 weeks, 3 recipes, and all the ingredients to become a pasta expert. STOCK YOUR PANTRY.



Eataly’s pastry chefs are not only interested in making beautiful pastries every day: Eataly Head Pastry Chef Luca Montersino has devoted his career to raising awareness of the benefits of eating healthy, natural foods. By developing recipes that those with food allergies and intolerances can savor, he has created traditional Italian dolci with a healthy twist. All of Eataly's dolci are made in-house daily using the freshest seasonal ingredients.


In the Italian tradition, assorted pasticcini, or "small pastries," are offered as gifts and served for dessert, as a treat to accompany espresso, and for celebrations with spumante. Pick up an assortment of the handmade treats for your next party or gathering!


After years of research and development, Luca Montersino created Italy’s first line of healthy pastries. Under the veil of his pastry line, “Golosi di Salute,” Luca serves up health-conscious and allergen-friendly treats, including traditional cakes and chocolate, gluten-free cookies, and jams sweetened only with grape sugar.


Katia Delogu, Eataly USA's head pastry chef, learned Montersino’s recipes and techniques while working at his side for Golosi di Salute in Torino, Italy. Every morning, Katia and her staff recreate these recipes and beyond in our kitchens with meticulous attention to detail, following traditional techniques and methods. The results are Eataly’s selection of classic Italian pastries presented as innovative works of art.

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