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Cannoli e Bomboloni

Cannoli e Bomboloni

Savor real Sicilian cannoli and rich filled bomboloni at the newest counter at Eataly NYC Flatiron! Located just past the entrance on Fifth Avenue, our team will fill crunchy housemade cannoli shells or fried sweet dough right before your eyes with your choice of sweet ricotta, jam, and more, then roll the iconic treat in traditional toppings. And don't miss our special sweet Italian fritters, available only for a few more weeks. Complete your experience with a glass of Sicilian wine. After all, you cannoli live once!

Cannoli e Bomboloni Menu

Open Daily
11 a.m.–11 p.m.



What's better than a cannolo? A cannolo AND an Italian hot chocolate, of course!

Known as cioccolata calda, Italian hot chocolate is denser and richer than traditional American hot chocolate. It is made with a few key ingredients: cocoa, sugar, and milk. In some cases, a little dark chocolate and a thickening agent, such as cornstarch, are added as well. It can be served on its own or with a dollop of whipped cream.

And now, you can try this traditional drink at our cannoli counter. Choose your size, then add on whipped cream and any toppings listed on our cannoli menu. Looking to warm up even more? You can add a shot of Italian liquer, too!


The Sicilian answer to the donut, bomboloni are "big bombs" of dessert. The fluffy pillows of sweet fried dough are rolled in sugar, then filled to order with your choice of traditional Italian custards and jams.

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From the inside out, our cannoli are made with the highest quality ingredients, so you can get a true taste of the Sicilian treat.


Our pastry team follows time-honored Sicilian traditions to make our crunchy cannoli shells. Every day, we shape the shells by hand using simple, high-quality ingredients (farm-fresh eggs, stone-ground flour, butter, sugar, cocoa, and Marsala wine), then quick-fry small batches. Choose between the classic or the chocolate-covered shell.


We offer different flavors of sweet ricotta, the rich and creamy cheese that traditionally fills the cannoli. First, choose from cow's milk or the traditional cannoli filling, sheep’s milk ricotta, which we've imported from the Sicilian dairy Sapori della Nostra Terra in Palermo. Then, pick your flavor, from toasted pistachios to dark chocolate to candied orange peel.


For the final touch, opt for the traditional Italian toppings, including Amarena cherries, crumbly corn cookies, and toasted hazelnuts. You won't be sorry.



Toasted pistachios, dark chocolate flakes, tiramisù — why choose between fillings?

Taste all seven of our cow's milk ricotta fillings in a flight of seven mini cannoli. For just $8.80, you can indulge in an array of the classic treat and become a real cannoli expert.


Treat yourself like the Sicilians do: with cannoli and wine! Whether you want a midday dolce or an after-dinner dessert, pair your cannoli with a glass — or even a bottle — with our sommeliers' selection chosen just for cannoli. Enjoy at the bar with your cannoli, then feel free to take your glass on the go throughout the market. We even offer a special price: for just $9.90, enjoy a classic sheep’s milk cannoli and a glass of Moscato di Pantelleria wine!

We know. It's good to be Sicilian!

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On the go? Get our build-your-own cannoli kit, which is filled with everything you need to make cannoli wherever you want! The kit includes six cannoli shells, a pastry bag of sweet ricotta filling, and your choice of three toppings.

Trust us: your next party/dinner/chill night at home will thank you.