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  • Il Cioccolato Venchi

    Founded in Piemonte in 1878, Venchi follows traditional recipes to create artisanal chocolates with only the finest natural ingredients, such as criollo cocoa, natural vanilla, and the famous Piemontese IGP hazelnut. At our dedicated counter, order anything from a single chocolate truffle to an entire customized box as a present to those you love (or yourself!).
  • La Pasticceria

    Eataly USA Head Pastry Chef Katia Delogu was trained in Torino, Italy, the home of Eataly’s pastry program. In keeping with Italian tradition, Katia and her team of pastry chefs pay meticulous attention to the quality of their creations, selecting only the finest ingredients from Italy and the U.S. From traditional biscotti to bite-sized pasticcini to cakes, indulge in the sweet side of being Italian.
  • Alla Pala Pizza & Enoteca

    Born by the desire to bring a new experience of pizza by the slice in New York City, Alla Pala Pizza & Enoteca offers high-quality Roman-style pizza by the slice paired with regional Italian wines by the glass or bottle, for an authentic, one-of-a-kind enogastronomic journey guided by Eataly experts.
  • Rosticceria e Panini

    Mouth-watering prime rib, freshly-baked bread, and roasted vegetables fill the store with an irresistible aroma that draws guests to Rosticceria e Panini, our corner serving rotisserie-roasted chickens and an array of Italian sandwiches all day. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, pick up a quality meal on the go! Continue reading

  • Cannoli e Bomboloni

    Savor real Sicilian cannoli and rich filled bomboloni at our counter inside Eataly NYC Flatiron! Located just past the entrance on Fifth Avenue, our team will fill crunchy housemade cannoli shells or fried sweet dough right before your eyes with your choice of sweet ricotta, jam, and more, then roll the iconic treat in traditional toppings. Complete your experience with a glass of Sicilian wine. After all, you cannoli live once!

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  • Pronto

    Not everyone has the time for a leisurely Italian meal every day. Pronto offers grab-and-go varieties of the best Eataly has to offer, from satisfying salads to savory panini. Eat better, live better — in a fraction of the time.
  • La Focaccia

    Eataly's bakery offers an abundant selection of focaccia, an Italian flatbread topped with high-quality ingredients, including simply sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, olives and herbs, tomato sauce and mozzarella, and stuffed – perfect for a light lunch option on the go.

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